firstly, in this recipe, i have used only banana and avocado to make the smoothie. This keto mocha milkshake doesn’t contain any dairy or ice cream, but you’ll never guess by the amazingly thick and smooth texture. Using a spoon, scoop out the avocado from its skin. Scoop or spoon out a ripe avocado in a mixer. No, you don’t taste avocado in a smoothie if the amount of sweetener and sweet fruits added in the recipe are correct. Both ice cream and avocado are full of fat, yet the avocado milkshake … Pour half the milk on the scooped avocado along with the honey and blend using a hand blender till well mashed. Try this easy and healthy milkshake recipe at home. Avocados add the most delicious, creamy, thick texture to smoothies, similar to a milkshake. A basic milkshake recipe is a combination of ice cream and milk. If you are using frozen bananas, you can omit the ice. A n avocado milkshake is like a regular milkshake—except the scoops of ice cream are replaced with scoops of avocado. Although the recipe does not contain vanilla, it’s so creamy and tastes like vanilla Come and have a taste, you'll be amazed. Love this, Jolina! Serve Immediately. Ice cubes - as needed; Method. Avocados can elevate a chocolate mousse or milkshake. This chocolate avocado milkshake is one of those milkshakes that can actually be a bit healthier than your traditional milk and ice cream milkshake. Using a sharp knife cut lengthwise around the avocado. This Superfood is rich in monounsaturated good fats which is ideal for the heart and perfect for those on a ketogenic diet. I added more milk for my family members as they needed it that way but it was tastier when it was thick). Make sure that the avocado is soft from outside. The fun thing about this Avocado Shake Recipe – no ice cream. Pour in … Reply. 1111 Home 1111; 11 Promotion 11; 1111 About 1111; 1111 Menu 1111; 1111 Shop 1111; 111 Contact 111; 111 Member 111; … furthermore, i would like to add some more tips, suggestions and variations to avocado banana smoothie recipe. (Helloooo, bikini season 2015!) Ice – This helps to thicken the smoothie. Cut the ripe avocado into two. Lastly add the ice cream and blend it well. you can use other tropical fruits like mango, kiwi and even grape. For the above ingredients it served 3 medium sized glasses and the smoothie was still thick like melted ice-cream. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. August 31, 2016 at 8:44 pm. Serve immediately!! The creaminess of the avocado blends so perfectly with the sweetened condensed milk in this recipe. This creaminess comes from a combination of coconut milk, almond milk, and avocado, and thickened even more by blended ice cubes. lucky avocado. Now add milk, sugar, milk powder and blend it all together. Add the remaining milk and ice-cream and give it a final blend. Discard the skin. Almond milk on the other hand only has 1 gram of net carbs per cup and mixed with the frozen whipped cream it makes the perfect base for any keto milkshake. sues; hi,i would like to try making your vanilla coconut milkshake recipe,but i have diabetes and i am lactose intolerant. Below are a few bullets of benefits of eating avocados. INGREDIENTS Avocado - 1 Cashew - ½ cup Almond - ½ cup Milk - 500 ml Sugar - ½ cup Milkmaid - ¼ cup Vanilla ice cream. If you use an avocado that is hard, your milkshake will taste bitter. I can just imagine how creamy it must be. Eating avocados can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels Jolina says. It’s a perfect healthy treat especially in the summer because it’s naturally sweetened just like my chocolate mousse, strawberry sorbet and strawberry milkshake recipes. Discard the seed. But with 12 grams of carbs per cup, regular milk isn’t the best option. The avocado’s creaminess is enough to make this as rich and creamy as any other milkshake, but healthier. Blend together cubed mangoes, ice cubes and 1/2 cup milk. Scoop flesh into a food processor, add sugar and lemon juice, and whirl until smooth. This dairy-free banana ice cream texture is like soft-serve and also very creamy. There are plenty of benefits to adding avocado … (If you plan to increase milk then you may need to increase condensed milk too to balance the sweet taste. First, there’s no ice cream. Have a great week, girl! Bulletproof Keto Mocha Milkshake Recipe. Avolutionary brings you any dessert that has to do with avocado. For example, you could add sugar, honey, agave syrup, chocolate syrup, or even a little bit of ice cream. I bought the avocados to make the avocado ice cream but finally ended up in making the milkshake recipe without ice cream. Although, the more ice you use, the thicker your smoothie will be. Chocolate Avocado Milkshake In a blender, mix in one avocado , one cup chocolate ice cream , and one cup milk . I have made a video on how to cut avocado, which will be useful for beginners. It is actually a great ice cream when combined with ice cubes, to create a healthy vegan chocolate milkshake. however, there is no restriction o using other fruits with these 2 fruits. According to Healthline, people who eat avocados tend to be healthier. In addition, it’s naturally sweetened, made with just 5 ingredients, and quick to make. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Can I taste the avocado? i am ok with the silk pure coconut vanilla milk,and the coconut but if i have the regular vanilla ice cream or the vanilla frozen yogurt then my problem with the lactose in these two products cause me to be in a really bad discomfort etc. When it’s blended (and there may be inevitable avocado chunks lurking in the bottom of your blender) squeeze a few drops of juice from a halved lime into the blender, giving it … If you think an avocado milkshake is a crazy idea, think again! To make an avocado shake, start by adding an avocado, a cup of milk, ¾ of a cup of crushed ice, and anything else you want to add for sweetness or flavor to a blender. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh. Add sweetened condensed milk and … Although the fruit is a great base for mousse, avocado ice cream can be bland and flavorless. ! Yum! Let's avocado! The avocado’s creaminess is enough to make this as rich and creamy as any other milkshake, but healthier. Second, making it is as hard as putting the ingredients in a … Pit avocados. Pull the two lengthwise pieces apart gently. This homemade vegan strawberry milkshake smoothie is easy, healthy, and also made without ice cream! Once it's smooth, add remaining milk and 2 scoops of ice cream and sugar or honey (if using). This article will teach you to make an amazing basic milkshake, plus ideas for some fun and tasty alternatives to the classic recipe. You can even make it as thick as a milkshake if you want to! Avocado, widely known as butter of the south, is a beloved fleshy green fruit jam-packed with healthy fats and fibre, high in nutrients and loaded with antioxidants such as potassium, magnesium folate, vitamins C, E, K and B6. Using a knife, remove the pit. Check out my mango milkshake, oreo milkshake recipe. 1 ripe avocado; 2 cups (480mL) of unsweetened almond milk (or your choice of a low carb milk substitute) 30ml of heavy cream (or whipping) few drops of vanilla extract; 1/2 cup of ice cubes; 1-2 tbps of your choice of sweetener; Directions: Cut avocado in half, remove seed and scoop into a blender; add in the rest of your ingredients Imagine, a milkshake with no ice cream. A milkshake is a rich, creamy ice cream treat that pairs perfectly with a burger or fries, or can be enjoyed as a cool dessert on its own. Follow the contour of the avocado by letting the knife blade touching the large pit to get 2 halves. Add the flesh along with milk, sugar and ice cubes. I’ve never had avocado ice cream or in a milkshake like this, but I bet it is absolutely AWESOME, especially with the condensed milk and ice-cream.
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