We also offer a variety of walking canes and staffs. Most knives these days, and certainly the best backpacking knife, is made with some sort of flat or compound-bevel flat grind. It’s very unique, so make sure you know how it operates before heading out on trail. I’ve been thinking of how to go lighter and this eased my mind (the one ounce knife I picked up just doesn’t seem like it will last). Good luck and have fun with this important tool out on the trail! This would be compounded when exhausted and fine motor skills are more difficult, as well as in the rain, snow, or high humidity. Unlike most of the neck knives we came across, the Minimalist has a textured G10 handle that’s shaped to fit your fingers. Often you’ll want a small, light knife when you’re hiking or backpacking, but ultimately the size and weight depends on what you prefer and are comfortable with. Shop for Knives at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Glad you enjoyed it and gained some peace of mind. Here’s a look at our top choices for the best neck knives for all types of everyday carry needs. Good choice and thanks for sharing! TOPS was founded in late 1998. When he’s not writing or reading, he enjoys trail running and traveling with his wife and kids (you know who you are). 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon. In addition to everyday carry there are some great models out there for tactical and self-defense uses, as well as camping, hiking, and hunting. Tops CHI-01 Black Chico Straight Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Neck Knife + … Some people really count the ounces and prefer ultralight knives and gear to cut down on the weight they have to carry. so i really wouldn’t want to rely on it out on the hike. If you go outside then carrying a neck knife may be a great option for you. so not only is it a bad steel, but the heat treat on it is pretty bad too. The Snarl is a small, one-piece fixed blade that offers multiple hand position options and the kind of sharp performance that doesn’t let up — even after heavy use. My lady picked me up a Bugout for Xmas, and I’m loving the weight and how it pockets. Just got it in! The drop point blade lets you make precise, clean cuts that are made even easier by the knife’s ergonomic grip. WEYLAND Fixed Blade Tactical Neck Knife with Kydex Knife Sheath - Small - Mini Full Tang Work Knife EDC Knives for Men, LDK or Tactical Knives for Hiking or Everyday Carry on a Necklace or Ankle ... kitchen knives and occasionally other specialty items such as neck knives and even some swords and daggers. Mini Review: The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 fills a niche between the other blades on this list. The sheath is tight and doesn’t rattle, and offers enough security that you won’t have to worry about the blade coming loose around your neck or other body parts. In a world of overseas manufacturing, we also love that the knives are made right here in the US, and with a lifetime, unconditional guarantee, you’re investing in much more than a neck knife: you’re buying the quality and assurance of peak performance. That's because flat grinds are the easiest to sharpen in the field with a pocket knife sharpener . Great article Josh! Besides, none of these other knives will have a ruler! I am getting a Cold Steel 20AZ Bird and Game. Named after one of the Amazon River’s most deadly fish, the Candiru clocks in at just over 5″ in length with a 2″ blade: just enough size to maneuver without feeling cramped by a small handle. TOPS Knives are proudly made in the Rocky Mountains USA. Mini Review: For the money, this is one of the best knives on the market. Shop Today! I envy the world-class tweezers, though, that are hidden in the Victorinox knives. Willowcreek Custom Knives are beautiful AND practical. If you like vintage, time-proven classics that don’t break the bank (or scale), this might be your new knife. The AXIS® lock offers an added level of confidence with ambidextrous features that lefties will enjoy. The knife hangs on a cord from a … The 5 Best Neck Knives of 2020 Read More » DT is the founder of Territory Supply. One of ESEE’s core tenets is to never “provide a piece of gear that hasn’t been tested in the real world,” and you can tell within just minutes of using the Candiru that this thing is built for real-world, practical applications. Fixed blade knives can serve a variety of purposes and functions. I’m also usually hiking for a good cause – charity! Just in case you wondering what a knife nerd like me carries on the trail, my answer might surprise you. Ya, he produced a Beta-Titanium Minimalist for me that weighs in at the same weight the Vargo Wharn-clip does, but with better ergonomics and more style! Drawbacks include a small blade and the small fit in the hand (ergonomics) making it harder to hold than some other options, especially since the handle is slick and offers no texturing to improve grip. His scouts used the Rookie while backpacking in the Sierra Nevada and were able to skin apples, cut rope, and trim marshmallow sticks without accident, all while learning about proper knife safety and use. Top 10 Neck Knives Available In 2020 Opinel No7 (Stainless Steel) Folding Knife. I carry the Victorinox Classic SD and a custom version of the Minimalist by knife maker Alan Folts. The best neck knives blend utility and lightweight performance in a way that’s unobtrusive, and that’s exactly what the CRKT Folts Minimalist knife accomplishes. Older versions of the Backpacker were made with 1095 carbon steel, but today’s model is made with a 420 stainless steel that still performs, but may not hold its edge as well as its predecessor. Yes, the clip is removable and I carry the Dragonfly 2 clipped on my pocket almost every day i’m not on the trail. The Snarl was designed by custom knifemaker Jason Brous and offers his signature blend of utility and artistic vision. $14.95 $ 14. The company was founded in the mid-70s when Sal and Gail Glesser began pitching their homemade knife sharpener at local fairs. Shop our large selection of neck knives and save big! Its body shape, weight, and balance make it perfect for an everyday carry knife, or something you keep around while camping, backpacking or hiking. Pro: Thin enough for EDC scout carry position. Thanks for the review. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! it looks pretty interesting compared to most other knives. in my experience the Deejo15g is a pretty bad knife. On everyday hikes, it can open food packets, cut twine, and shave kindling; in a survival situation, it can help you do everything from build a shelter to catch fish. You can contact Dustin here. Thanks for your support! The heavy duty nylon sheath offers multiple carry options, with lanyard holes and a belt clip, and includes a ball chain for easy neck carry. So you could shave that weight if you could figure out a lighter sheath…, The Best Black Friday Deals for Backpackers and Hikers, The Best Hiking Gear Deals from the Backcountry Cyber Sale, Gossamer Gear The DCF One Ultralight Tent Review, [Book Review] 2000 Miles Together — The Raw, Unexpurgated Story of the Crawford Family, 10 Accessories Under $100 to Winterize your Backpacking Setup, Accessing the Appalachian Trail: A List of Shuttles and Taxi Services, Six Moon Designs Deschutes Plus vs. Wild Oasis UL Tarp Review, Sierra Designs Women’s Cold Canyon Hoodie Review, Outdoor Research Chain Reaction Hoodie ReviewÂ. Here's where to start. Tops MSKTBF Mini Scandi Rockies Hunting Camping Fixed Blade Neck Knife + Sheath. The SOG Snarl is perfect for the latter scenario, when you want something quick, utilitarian and easy to hide for any number of reasons. This helps control the knife and keeps your thumb from slipping during use. Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Amazon.com. He recommended his Genesis II knife that comes with a Kydex neck knife sheath, so it is always easily accessible. CRKT, founded in 1994, is committed to their motto of “confidence in hand,” and the Minimalist is no exception to their rule. Andrew, I had never heard of the Deejo 15g – thanks for turning me onto it! Like the CRKT Minimalist, you will see jimping to help control the knife but notice it also has jimping on an extra finger groove that extends onto the blade just before the sharpened edge. The result is a large blade at a very low weight. Let me know what you’re carrying in the comments! It’s easy to grab and use as needed and though it doesn’t technically lock in place, we had no issues with the blade coming out when it wasn’t supposed to. Despite its small size, it has a substantial profile that resembles a much larger, thicker knife. Thanks J.R.! I’m 6’5″ and the handle fits my large hands quite nicely and doesn’t dig in anywhere. It’s technically a multi-tool and is of the lightest options available. The handle scales also offer aggressive, multi-directional texturing which offer excellent traction for your hand regardless of gloves or wet conditions. GREEN TANTO SURVIVAL NECK KNIFE Tactical Hunting Combat Fixed Blade + SHEATH NEW ... $14.95. Makes me happier with my 1.4 oz knife I use for cutting cheese and sausage. The blade, made from CPM S30V steel, clocks in at just under 1.25″ and closed up it’s a tidy 2″, making it one of the most compact neck knives on the market. If you like these options, but want to spend a little more money on something custom, there is a plethora of additional options out there in the custom knife world. There’s nothing wrong with a classic Buck 55. Is having the extra tools worth the extra .8 ounces over the Classic SD? A good, sharp knife is needed in all phases of cleaning game animals. A hiking pack will likely have a padded waist belt, so carrying the knife around the neck keeps it accessible without affecting the fit of your pack. Excellent substance for under $15. Backpacking is all about cutting weight and finding ergonomic ways to carry everything you need, and those are both areas in which neck knives excel. Go ahead and bathe it in salt water, or whatever your heart desires, the H1 steel can take it. And FWIW, when thru hiking, I carry .75-oz Victorinox flat-folding nail clippers in my toiletries. – Alan Folts, you are a wizard. Vargo also includes a lightweight sheath for the fixed blade, plus included a clip in the handle. I hope to see you on the trail and share some of my adventures with the world. That’s for you to answer. It may not be as sharp as the Esee Candiru, but it performed better than nearly every other blade we tested, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option at this size and price point. *gasp* I know… fitting, right? It can be as detailed as you wish it to be. Mini Review: Vargo has made a very lightweight fixed-blade knife by using a titanium alloy instead of stainless steel. Read More ESEE Izula II – Solid Blade. Note: There is a (X90) carbon steel version available as well. Mini Review: This Benchmade knife is a HUGE folding knife for the weight. It’s comforting having easy access to self-protection while backpacking and hitchhiking. Wish it was in a steel grade a little better than 420 stainless, but… the price is right! Find the best custom fixed blades, EDC pocket knives, hunting knives, bushcraft knives, bowies and battle ready swords, all 100% made in the USA. While most other neck knives had sheaths that securely but easily fit their blade, this sheath is downright tight on the Snarl, and it may take a few tries for you to figure out that removing the blade requires more strength with this knife than others. The unique handle shape makes this knife one of the easiest to handle with or without gloves, regardless of wet conditions. Retail: $15. This website contains affiliate links, which means The Trek may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements. The Kabar Dozier is a good example: it’s less expensive, Aus 8 steel is an upgrade and it has a lanyard hole and clip for retention options out in the woods. And the Leek is an awesome blade so it’s hard to fault you for carrying that 3oz! While charging a phone in the outdoors is typically the first thing that comes to mind, the list doesn’t stop there. Here are some of the best neck knives you can get right now. Even though many of my fellow outdoor enthusiasts glare at the blade hanging down around my neck with apprehension, for me there is … Bugout’s got plenty of belly on the blade, and sharp enough to shave with. Best deals. Teva and Chaco both make a damn good sport sandal. $70.60. Wiping the blade free of moisture or food before returning the knife to the sheath will help inhibit rust. when i got mine the tip of the blade was overheated and the temper ruined. I keep my knife in my pocket, though, not riding on my hip, so the belt clip would be a pain. Still, for the quality and performance of a sub-$20 knife, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Backpacker’s build and utility. The PS4 was VERY close to being on my list. The Candiru is a compact but powerful knife made from 1095 carbon steel, designed for sharp performance but proportioned to easily wear around your neck, belt or boot. (Killer knife too…I love it, but different ballpark.). Just wanted to let you in on my first item of “Homemade Wanderlust Merch.” My friend Patrick with MTKnives.net said that several people have asked for a Homemade Wanderlust Knife, so we put our efforts together […] Excellent choice! The edge holds well and with proper care and attention, you can easily develop a nice aged patina without letting the carbon steel rust. Con: Factory chain is terrible. WEYLAND Neck Knife - Small Fixed Blade Tactical EDC Knife with Kydex Knife Sheath Holster, Mini Full Tang Necklace Knife for Camping Hiking Hunting Work Survival Boy Scout Every Day Carry or TDI. Not so with this beauty. This knife is packed with features, large, and safe to handle, making it an attractive option for any hiker. Still, it has better ergonomics than a razor blade and multiple functions, making it a safer, capable ultralight option. At 26 grams, it’s the lightest knife we tried out, and it’s ideal for those who want to bust out a neck knife without looking like the office radical (unless that’s what you’re going for). The blade is sharp out of the box and holds its edge well, and its compactness is matched by its versatility. On a recent 2 day backpacking trip in Yosemite, my Dad and I made do just fine with my $40 Buck 55 and $20 Kabar Dozier lockback folding knives. The knife sheath comes with options for neck carry, belt carry and pocket/pack carry, making it easy to stow wherever works best for you. The titanium alloy allows the metal to be precipitation hardened, so a normally soft metal can now be effectively used as a knife blade. For me it’s the Opinel no. A good knife is one of the most essential backcountry tools you can carry. Many experienced hunters have a sharpening device nearby to touch up the blade as … The Backpacker feels balanced more than anything else: the length of the blade is exactly half the overall length of the knife, and the grip and feel of the handle is substantial, even if it doesn’t look it. It sports a stout fixed blade body that comes with optional G10 handle scales, and the black powder coat finish makes it one of the finest-feeling blades out there. It’s super light and will be a part of my EDC items from here on out. Part of that journey includes joining the 2019 Granite Gear Grounds Keeper team! Obviously, there are a few critical tissues near the rib and scalenes that could be irritated here. One drawback is that any “hard” use may dull this blade faster than others, since its properties are still softer than other metals. There is some texturing—known as jimping—on the spine, above the handle where your thumb rests. Apr 15, 2020. Free shipping . Designed by renowned knifemaker Alan Folts, the Minimalist is the lightest of the neck knives we tested, but it’s not lacking in other departments. “We may look curious, homely, whatever, but we’ll never be called unusable or undependable,” wrote a Spyderco employee when explaining why their Dog Tag Folder knife is more expensive than most of its competition (good Amazon discount, though). There are a plethora of options when it comes to solar-powered camping gear. The beechwood handle is light in hand and very ergonomic, though it doesn’t feature any texturing to help with grip. With a great blade shape for trail life and a stunningly low weight, you might enjoy this knife if you want a large blade at minimum weight. Additionally, the handle is thin and without handle scales (keeping the weight down) making the knife bite into your hand during use, which may be uncomfortable and less ergonomic than other options. This makes it easy to access and pack almost anywhere. Looking to kick off those overly cushioned running shoes for a natural footwear approach? Its strength is as a concealed utility knife, but with its small size and slim profile comes a sharp edge that can hang with the best of them. For the budget-conscious outdoorsman, the Benchmark Backpacker offers an excellent combination of value and performance. It’s worth mentioning that while the s30v stainless steel is part of the higher price tag,  it offers some of the best edge (sharpness) retention and will take the abuse on trail. I agree about the bad steel; a bad heat treat would make it even less desirable. Its body shape, weight, and balance make it perfect for an everyday carry knife, or something you keep around while camping, backpacking or hiking. There are neck knives that become statement pieces, and there are those you’d rather conceal. Looking to upgrade your everyday carry gear? Those who’ve used the brand — which makes all their products in the USA — know the distinction, and for those who haven’t, you’re in for a helluva time. in check. $105.06. Proudly Made In The USA Made In The USA. Another fantastic all-in-one skeletonized knife with a 3-1/4 inch 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel blade and recent favorite of mine. Mini Review: The ARK “Always Ready Knife”is another ultralight fixed blade, but this one is sporting a secret: It’s impervious to rust. Let me know what you end up carrying on the trail in the comments! The plastic sheath that it comes with is .3 oz. Here are some of the lightest neck knives I could find that seem to come with a trustworthy sheath. Looks like it might bolt on. It’s a great clip if you decide to use it. It’ll probably replace my Griptilian altogether for EDC. He was born and raised in Phoenix, and fills most of his shelves with books on American West history and fiction. But few accessories offer the utility of the often under appreciated neck knife, and whether you work outdoors, in a warehouse or in an office setting, having a blade that’s practical, concealed and at-the-ready can make your day easier. Free shipping. I carry the PS4 on me everyday (at this moment, in fact). Clipped to my pocket, I carry my EDC blade, the 3-oz Kershaw Leek in stainless. Great weight and interesting design (lists itself as a liner lock, but since it’s part of the single “scale” it’s very unique). Thanks for making us aware of possible production issues on this knife. Instagram: @HikeWithHeart. Both are lightweight, sharp and it wouldn’t have been a huge deal if either would’ve been lost on the trip. Three Rivers Manufacturing Neutron: $169. This knife is a collaboration between two knife-making behemoths. Survival Neck Knife. Discover 12 of the best cold weather tents, including the top 3-season and 4-season tents made for car camping, backpacking and extreme winter weather. $10.95. The compact and lightweight Esee Izula neck knife is a tough outdoor tool for survival, backpacking, and hiking. I hand-picked this knife for Ryan Jordan of Backpacking Light when he asked for me help to find a serious and capable knife for lightweight backpacking. If all of these sound great or you feel like you need more info to make a choice, check out my companion article “How to Pick the Perfect Backpacking Knife” to learn about knives, blade steel and how to choose a knife that’s right for you. I’ll show you some of the best options below for each of the above three categories. Spyderco once again offers excellent grip with their multi-directional texturing on the handle. I’ve been on trail for over a month now and so far I really love it. Consider a knife that will attach to your backpack shoulder strap or horizontally to your backpack hipbelt instead. Join 80,000+ adventurers getting epic travel, camping and hiking ideas every week. I’ve done my homework, though, so both blades still weigh less than 2oz combined. … A cord fob attached to the end offers even more grip and control.
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