Coyote deterrent wolf urine is an eco-friendly alternative to artificial repellents. “Another worried dog owner has come forward after her Westie was almost dragged away by a coyote last week in West Kelowna. What time of day are coyotes most active? This is an all-around great product for gardeners to keep on-hand. For this reason, Deerbusters recommends that homeowners apply wolf pee around yards and gardens to create the illusion that wolves are present in the area. A guard dog should only be for notifying you in case there’s an intruder and not for chasing the coyotes away. A report from Huron-Kinloss bylaw officer Brianne Elliott stated that coyotes are a major concern in the urban areas of the township. It is definitely starting to look like Christmas around here. Below are just a few of the recent ones . Animals are curious and literally nose around- it only takes one shock to train them to stay away. We have PredatorPee® animal repellent products for big and small outside areas plus PredatorPee®HawkStopper for Hawks, PredatorPee®Coy coyote decoys for geese and birds - plus PredatorPee®SnakeGuard for snakes ! A squirrel has many natural predators. had to say about a similar problem: “. If you would like to ask the PeeMan a question, you can always comment on my blog or email your questions to Certain wildlife eviction fluids can work to repel coyotes, but you will need to look for a specific product that contains the urine of timber wolves. Urine breaks down very quickly, even in a lab, it has to be tested within 15 minutes or it … 100% WolfPee – accept no substitutes and keep Fido and Fifi and buster(you get the idea)safe from harm! 12 people found this helpful. Filter by. Halloween trick-or-treating was wet and windy for the grandkids. }); I know that I have posted about the coyote problem that is facing the nation many times, but it is a nuisance that is not going away, and we still haven’t sufficiently gotten the word out about the usefulness of 100% Wolf Pee in combating this situation. . }); In an attempt to be more consistent in my blogging, I have decided to pass on inquiries that come to my Peemail inbox. . To deer, humans are predators; but it's hard to say whether or not deer can associate human urine with humans. Today’s Ask the PeeMan: When Coyotes Attack, how to keep coyotes out of an unfenced yard, When Coyotes Attack! Greetings from the North Woods! Coyotes are tempted to pets whether they are pet rats, dogs, cats or even pigs.,,, Wolf urine is an effective coyote deterrent that repels coyotes from your yard by creating the illusion that a wolf is nearby. But deep down in the genetic code, there is something that tells them loud and clear that this smell – the smell of WolfPee – means BIG trouble. 1 decade ago. Another odor that might deter coyotes is the common mothball or ammonia soaked rags. Keep Pets Away. My garden is covered in the coyote urine I got from the garden centre. As usual, we will see what actually ends up on the ground when all is said and done. How do you keep coyotes away from your yard? If whitetails think wolves are near the perimeter, they will run away from your property. We are not scientists – we just know what works, and people have been using wolf urine to repel coyotes for years. Now if you put out some coyote urine and a big sign that flapped in the breeze saying "Coyote Urine" it might keep them away. We have customers in over 40 countries using PredatorPeeâ successfully to keep away pests that have never laid eyes on the predator that the pee came from. September 15, 2016 by Bill Dowd. If they did, it would be next to impossible to kill one. . Top critical review . Search. Does fox and wolf urine keep rats and mice away? A coyote in downtown Los Angeles or Chicago has likely never seen a wolf. Most dog lovers probably have a soft spot for all canines – I know I do. Keeping your distance, maintaining eye contact, and keeping calm can help keep wolves and coyotes away if you happen upon one, or one enters your yard. Thankfully, turkeys do not have a great sense of smell. The smell of wolf pee has been used by many owners to keep coyotes at bay – these granules are easy to spread around your yard. away from your home and out of your yard. In many cases, these small balls with their bad smell just aren't enough to keep a hungry wild creature away. 4 people found this helpful. It follows similar reports from nearby Kincardine. Use liquid PredatorPee® to create a "pee-rimeter" around plants, trees, shrubs, flowers etc that you would like to protect from deer, rabbits, wild pigs, squirrels etc. These granules are said to be 100% real wolf urine 100%. Hopefully it’ll keep squirrels off my property. “It only took a moment and a coyote had latched onto my 19-pound Westie and was dragging him out onto the golf course,” shares Jarvis. We are not scientists – we just know what works, and people have been using wolf urine to repel coyotes for years. Cabela's said there are no effective items you can buy to keep coyotes away. In the wild, the predator marks its territory with urine and stalks its prey. According to his website wolf urine can be used to deter cats, feral cats, coyotes and foxes. I managed to chase the coyote off. This 32 oz. They’ve been getting in the attic. Greetings from the North Woods where it is snowing AGAIN! Although I stated that you can keep a guard dog, you should ensure that the coyotes don’t get in contact with them. Greetings from the North Woods where it is snowing AGAIN! A test. We’ve got five effective tips for you to keep the coyotes away. He went into the kitchen of his Pemberton Terrace home and just sat down when he heard a massive yelp. Atkin wants his neighbours and other city residents to be aware how widespread coyotes are.” (excerpt from Kamloops Daily News article by Michele Young) September 9, 2015. All reviewers. Crusher Hats       BearGuard     Butterfly Lure       SlipLeash    Foggy Mountain, We think it is all about genetics. If you've used normal fencing and coyote are used to simply jumping it they will easily avoid the electric with one jump. Her roommate screamed and started chasing the coyote, fortunately Winston was able to break free and run back to the house. This illusion triggers an instinctive response in the prey. “So, if a coyote smells wolf urine, it's natural instinct is survival. In the mean time, before hunkering down for the storm, I thought I would squeeze in a blog post. (excerpt from Castanet News article by Carmen Weld), “Huron-Kinloss Township is reporting a few coyote problems. . Does Predator Urine Keep Squirrels Away? Here is what Margery in Mass. Well, as you know, I am a man who likes to solve problems and help others find solutions to theirs. "merchant_id": 119085725, In this case, your best coyote deterrent is not to tempt them in the first place! He ran probably 20 feet, stopped, and I ran at him again. The Wolf Urine works great folks on keeping Coyotes away!!!!! The smell of PredatorPee® Real Wolf Urine for coyotes triggers the natural fear instinct in the coyote, making coyote deterrent Wolf Urine the natural way to get rid of coyotes quickly and keep them out for good! - KTVN Channel 2 - Reno Tahoe Sparks News, Weather, Video For example, sprinkling wolf urine around the outside of your property sends strong message to coyotes there's a new alpha dog in town. “In the morning gloom Thursday, Alan Watkin let his soft-coated Wheaton terrier Athena out into his condominium yard, tied to a rope to keep her close. The repellent can be applied directly on plants or dispensed from trees, similar to the coyote urine. Established in 1986, it is still one of the only ways organic growers keep their crops safe without risking their certification. We have been told that if you spread urine of a human male on the wall or at its outside base, it will keep them away because they can smell human urine half a mile away. Below are articles from states across the nation that have been written in the past few weeks alone. LazyDayz. This smell of a large predator will keep them away. .”, Here is a direct link to the How to Use page The writers of these articles have several suggestions for people facing coyote probems, BUT they do not mention 100% Wolf Pee which consumers across the country and even overseas have been successfully using for years to keep coyotes away from their property. As an added bonus, wolf urine repellent also scares away coyotes, moose, bears, and cats. Fox urine… Well, the weather forecasters are predicting a good ole nor’ easter for tomorrow into Friday. We have customers in over 40 countries using PredatorPeeâ successfully to keep away pests that have never laid eyes on the predator that the pee came from. Last Monday Dec. 2 her roommate took Jarvis’s Westie, Winston, and her Sheltie, Piper, for their daily afternoon play in the backyard. Occasionally we see the coyotes in daytime but typically they are hunting at night. NUMBER ONE IN PEE: Harness the power of Urine the original brand in the pee business, PredatorPee. Smell has been used for a long time to keep coyotes away and their numbers from increasing. . Information about how to keep coyotes away - prevention techniques. Elliott said most of the concerns are from Huron-Kinloss areas year Kincardine.” (excerpt from article by Ken Kilpatrick). It is not a synthetic one.
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