Emily Roberts / MyDomaine. I’ve got email and texting (I text from my laptop). Whether you’re having a bad day or are at a rough point in your life in general, if you stick with it, you’ll arrive at a place where you can finally place these challenges on the shelf and move on without them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. She's the author of How to Be Sick, How to Wake Up, and How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness. Having a ruff day? “I’ve been thinking of you.” I'm jazzed that you read this and liked it so much! I will print this, so I can easily read them when I’m having a rough day. It was super hard to stay concentrated. I am on quetiapine (seroquel) 25mg at night and I know that sometimes it takes a while for meds to kick in but I'm just having a tough time today. Birds are softly chirping in the cool mountain air. Jul 28, 2010 at 10:00 AM. You're complaining because you had a busted phone line and you had to get another plumber? Having A Rough Day? FYI – I love all of these quotes! I've had that happen too. We just have to do our best...but always be nice to ourselves. I have a new appreciation for you Toni and what you go through every day. By. A lot of people don't realize this is an option. None of us are strangers to the “rough day.” Sometimes it happens because everything’s going okay but we’re not feeling well, mentally or physically. TWEET. 16. This is a long time for me because, although I have a cell phone, it sits in my purse only to be used in the car in case of an emergency. The hostility toward me in your comment felt as if I'd been punched in the stomach. 7 years ago. By Gregor MacKenzie. I’ve learned to never let a bad day steal my joy. Love the quote about the track record of getting through bad days. >. These are great! Rebecca says. One referee in the Indiana v. Ohio State game suffered a non-contact injury and was assisted off the field. Could I live without a working landline? I woke up feeling awful because I’d had trouble sleeping the night before—a not uncommon occurrence due to my ongoing chronic pain and illness. So, I contacted the phone company, only to be told that they couldn’t send someone out for four days. These Pictures Of People Having A Bad Day Will Surely Make You Feel Better Off. Having one of those days where nothing is going right? It really does make a difference in the middle of a rough day to take a deep breath and remind yourself you can get through this and that nothing lasts forever. There are so many people around the globe who are having a bad or worst day of their lives today. Ashley Springman, LINCOLN, Neb. Let’s just say there was a lot of grumbling and complaining going on in my mind. YET, even knowing this, I had to come online and look through your wonderful posts to give myself that permission. It was synchronicity that I checked your blog this evening. SHARE. Hi! Great list of inspiring quotes! But did I really? We all have. Credit: Reddit . SHARE. Freddy is exceptionally effective in his role at Highland Marketing, being head of security at HQ. Here are three suggestions for getting started. I know because they write to me after reading my books or articles and tell me that the hardest thing for them to do is to treat themselves kindly. Thanks so much Linda! Share. I will have to bookmark this so i can look back at this the next time i am having a tough day. These sweet little animals doing their best to make it through their fumbles will instantly … All of these quotes are great reminder. I was having a really bad day! Slowly but surely, treating ourselves poorly became a habit—and a habit can be hard to break. … [53073] Having a rough day?Just in case you've had a rough day, here's a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological texts.The funny thing is that it really works.1. Remember: “Even a bad day only lasts 24 hours.” -Unknown Fortunately a few people like you have had to eat humble pie and realize that, even if you do everything right, that it can happen to you. I have been in excruciating nerve pain for the past several months (from degenerative spine issues which are suppposedly a surprise for my age, etc.). A rough day on the other hand is a day where things happened to you that wore you down. I don't have that cart, so I used the dog from Just Because Cards. Who Most Wants to Get Back Together With an Ex? I love quotes and have tons of Pinterest boards and even books on them. 8713. The hardest part of these bad days is trying to turn your day/mood around. And (sometimes sadly), we can’t control how others treat us. It started ringing every 2-3 minutes. Once that unfortunate hour was up, the dial tone returned but there was so much static on the line that I knew I wouldn’t be able to understand what anyone was saying. It warms my heart to read your response to that comment. Sometimes saying it out loud can help. 0; 0; I received a cute email today reminding me again of how important it is to plan to be happy. . Jul 28, 2010 at 10:00 AM. Sometimes it happens because nothing is … My Dad (my hero) taught it to me when I was very young and I still say it to myself. I need that. Sounds like a boomer to me. Having a “ruff” day? My favorite is “I’m doing y best and that’s enough”, I remind my self of that every night when I feel like I should have gotten more done. I love all of these quotes. Pinning! But it's pretty important. Take a Rest. Glenn, Thank you for this. Hopefully it brightens your day a bit! Credit: Reddit . I love You’re having a bad day not a bad life. Those were great :). For other strategies to try when you’re having a rough day, see my pieces “A Secret for Surviving a Rough Day” and "A Sure-Fire Way to Silence Your Inner Critic. One repeating grievance was “It’s not fair!”—a refrain I’d guess we’re all familiar with, even though we know that life isn’t always fair. Merry Christmas season. Having a RUFF day? by HappyBubbles203 (:)) with 807 reads. Then I know: If you have a cat by your side, there is even joy in a rough day. Barbara. Glenn. Thanks for sharing! I love all the quotes. Then it dawned on me that this frame of mind had me taking an already rough day and then making it worse by turning myself into a victim as if the world were conspiring against me. I only worked 4 hours today but I felt super sad like I was a failure at everything. Sometimes it happens because nothing is going okay. (KLKN) — Wednesday, Aug. 26, was International Dog Day… Had the appointment come through for 2 weeks away and got to test negative for covid prior to this (I tested positive on the 5th November). It lifted my spirits this morning and I appreciate it greatly. Thank you for this kind comment. Sound like a tall order? What are emotions? 16 Mental Health Quotes You Need to Read. 11 Inspirational Quotes to Give You a Boost of Positivity, 11 Inspirational Life Changing Quotes for Tough Days, 12 Inspirational Mental Health Awareness Quotes, 15 Quotes People Living with Anxiety Will Understand, Essential Oils & Pregnancy: What You Need to Know, Link-It To Me Link Party #21 - Painted Teacup, 15 Easy Self-Care Ideas That Take 5 Minutes - Painted Teacup, 15 Quotes for When You Are Feeling Stressed Out, 23 Inspiring Quotes to Encourage You to Follow Your Dreams, Chronic Illness: Are you letting it steal your sunshine?
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